How to Start a Home Remodeling Project and Make Sure that You Finish It

The world is full of homeowners who are full of ambition when they are about to start a remodeling a house. These are people who know exactly what their house will look like when they are finished and they know exactly how they are going to get the job done. When this person, who is usually referred to as a weekend warrior, is getting ready to start a remodeling project they usually sound very impressive.

There are usually two reasons why someone decides to remodel their house. The first reason is because the house needs to be made more functional » Continue Reading.

Become your House Designer

It is becoming a tradition to build your house in America.  It is easy when you have a building plan and today, there are various kinds of building plans to select from. It doesn’t matter what style you prefer as there are various designs that will appeal to you.


All you need is just little imagination and access to Internet because there are lots of designs on the web to help with your plan and overall, property or blueprint drawings really aren’t very hard to put together. Once you have acquired some basic knowledge to draw with a program » Continue Reading.

Easy Site Prep for Building Construction

Site prep is defined as preparing for necessary operations that are required to develop buildings, parking lots, roads etc on raw land.

Preparation includes several different tasks like sediment control, clearing and grubbing, storm drains, water and sewer pipes, soil erosion and management, rock removal, weed removal, underground utility and other tasks.

Soil erosion and management It is very important to protect the quality of water, soil erosion and sediment control once the location is selected. Many locations requires storm permitting, and all erosion and other control measures must be placed and inspected firsthand before cutting the first tree and » Continue Reading.

AutoDesk announces the AutoCAD 2009 family of AutoCAD software

The AutoCAD 2009 group of software was recently announced by AutoDesk Inc. This was done at AutoDesk’s yearly “World Press Days” event. The software announced includes AutoCAD 2009, the new version of the premiere software application for 2d and 3d design, technical drawings and conceptual design, drafting as well as detailing. AutoDesk is the leading company for the development of 2D&3D design software for use by the building and construction

Autodesk’s 3ds Max Design & Revit Architecture software

Making the process of Building Design faster and easier

Autodesk highlighted how architects are adopting its design software, 3ds Max Design for 3D visualization and its Architecture software, Revit for BIM (building information modeling), at the recent VisMasters Conference. According to the company, around 300,000 designers, engineers and architects are using Revit platform for building information modeling.

3ds Max Design, the most recent version of the 3D graphics

How stable are steel buildings?

Buildings can be made out of various materials and the materials used to fabricate the building have a direct effect on the stability of the building. Many developers are now choosing to use steel frames as the structural support for their buildings. There are many advantages to using steel to produce the frame of the building, especially if the building is expected to stand for a long period of time


build1.jpgAs a person who resides in the Pacific Northwest of the United States I get to observe the timber industry in action. Harvesting timber takes a lot time, heavy equipment, and now also involves a lot of taxation, and red tape. Hence the high cost. Building with lumber is always a pleasure, but the current high cost can be constraining. If you’ve ever drove a truck